Erica Boyer Biography

Erica Boyer BiographyErica Boyer: AKA (Carol Christy,Erica Bee,Erica Bodwen,Joanne McRay,Sue Gantt )
Birthday: December 22, 1956

Astrology: Sagittarius
Birthplace: AL ,
Years Active: 1974- 2012
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Nationality/Heritage: American, English
Hair Color: Brown
Measurements: 36DD-23-36
Height: 165
Weight: 52
Tattoo: n/a
Piercing: n/a
Frequent partners: Marc Wallace, Nina Hartley, Peter North, Sharon Mitchell, Tom Byron

Erica Boyer BiographyErica Boyer, legal name Amanda Margaret Jensen (nee Gantt) (December 22, 1956 in Andalusia, Alabama – December 31, 2009 in Panama City Beach, Florida) was an American pornographic actress. She is a member of the AVN Hall of Fame, Legends of Erotica and the XRCO Hall of Fame.
Boyer in early 1980s
Born  Amanda Margaret Gantt
December 22, 1956
Andalusia, Alabama, U.S.
Died  December 31, 2009 (aged 53)
Panama City Beach, Florida, U.S.
Cause of death
 Auto accident
Other names  Carol Christy, Erica Bee, Joanne McRay
Height  5 ft 5 in (1.65 m)
Weight  55 kg (121 lb)
No. of adult films  329 including compilations (per IAFD)

Her father Joseph Breckenridge Gantt (Joe Breck Gantt), son of a Covington County, Alabama sheriff, had in May 1965 as Assistant Attorney General been prosecutor in the mistrial against Collie Wilkens for the murder of civil rights activist Viola Liuzzo on March 25, 1965.

Prior to her porn debut, she worked at Mitchell brothers O’Farrell Theater in San Francisco dancing and doing live sex shows.

Erica Boyer BiographyErica Boyer appeared in 184 features after starting her porn career with Beyond De Sade. She came out of retirement to work with Marilyn Chambers again in the XXX Dark Chambers.

After her retirement, she had her own massage therapy business and did volunteer work as a clown and face painter.

She died in a traffic accident on New Year’s Eve, 2009, aged 53. At the time she was married and had a son. She reportedly died instantly when she was struck by an off-duty Florida Highway Patrol officer driving a 2001 4-door Hyundai.

Boyer was described by those who knew her as a lesbian-leaning bisexual.



Porn Star Erica Boyer was born in the deep south to extremely strict parents. Sexual activity, including kissing, fondling, and ‘vulgar’ dancing with boys was totally forbidden. Erica Boyer Biography It was made clear to her at a very young age that sexual intercourse before marriage was the ultimate sin. It was also told to her that the ‘horrid’ sex act in general was something one had to perform after marriage. Erica Boyer didn’t want to burn in hell, so her first sexual experimentation was done with girls. Erica Boyer continued to experiment for several years, corrupting every girl she could entice. Her imagination has always taken her to some interesting places, which was always a plus when she played those deliciously naughty sex games big girls love to play. Erica Boyer got to play the boy most of the time, so she learned to be active and aggressive. This carried over in many of her films.She lost her virginity by make when she was 17. It took her a long time to learn to enjoy sex with men because of this. Her first male lover however, was very gentle to her, and very experienced in every type of sex act imaginable. After college, and a brief career in nursing, Erica Boyer headed for the west coast. This was the starting off point for Erica Boyer’s roller coaster ride into the world of adult entertainment.Erica Boyer started as an exotic/nude dancer at the world famous Mitchell Guys O’Farrell theater in San Francisco. While there, Erica Boyer saw her first adult film. It starred Marilyn Chambers. Erica Boyer took the plunge into adult films after Marilyn Chamberssaw Erica performing her live stage show performance. Marilyn Chambers requested Erica Boyer personally to be in the film. The title of that film was Beyond De Sade. The film was taken off the shelves shortly after it was released.Erica Boyer was then given the name ‘super Vixen,’ and was featured at the theater until she started her 17 year career as Erica Boyer ‘The Ultimate Goddess of Erotica.’ It was said to have been Nina Hartley who actually gave her the ‘goddess Of Erotica’ title.

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Retro hairy porn pics : Big Tits Peeping Tom

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Name: 2 Suedoises a Paris

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The fantasies of a female lifeguard are explained in this daring mood piece from the mind of Judy Blue. There are no spoken words, just music that seems to crescendo with the climaxes of the beautiful girls of Wave. Watch and listen. And beat.


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Name: I Do

Country: United States

Director: Paul Thomas

Year: 1989

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Sylvia May : German vintage xxx

Sylvia May : German vintage xxx

Name: Twilight 9

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Sylvia May : German vintage xxx


Rene Bond : Classic porn 1970

Rene Bond : Classic porn 1970

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Rene Bond : Classic porn 1970


Vintage anal sex movies in “Legend Garden 1”

Name: Legend Garden 1

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