Simona Valli movies in “Die Geile Nachbarin”

Name: Die Geile Nachbarin

Language: German

Director: Nicky Ranieri

Year: 1993

Country: Italy

Duration: 79 min

Actors: Yves Baillat,Jean-Yves Le Castel,Philippe Soine

Actress: Maeva,Simona Valli,Rita Olivski,Emma Rush,Barbie Est,Ildiko Varconi,Angelica

Categories: Simona Valli movies, 1993, Italy, German, Nicky Ranieri, Maeva, Simona Valli, Rita Olivski, Emma Rush, Barbie Est, Ildiko Varconi, Angelica, Yves Baillat, Jean-Yves Le Castel, Philippe Soine, Facial, Anal, Double Penetration, Indian


Brooke West naked – “Exposed”

Name: Exposed

Country: United States

Director: Jeffrey Fairbanks

Duration: 79 min

Language: French

Year: 1980

Actress: Sharon Kane,Lysa Thatcher,Evan Taylor,Brooke West,Kitty Shane,Lynn Lucas

Categories: Brooke West naked, 1980, United States, French, Jeffrey Fairbanks, Sharon Kane, Lysa Thatcher, Evan Taylor, Brooke West, Kitty Shane, Lynn Lucas, John Leslie, Jon Martin, Blair Harris, David Morris, John Seeman, Anthony Spinelli, Facial

Actors: John Leslie,Jon Martin,Blair Harris,David Morris,John Seeman,Anthony Spinelli

When an ex-porn star is asked to help out an old friend who needs a stud for his new movie, he risks his marriage to help out his buddy. When the wife finds out what her superstud husband is up to, her reaction is completely unexpected – and total erotic.