Erika Cool – Vintage french porn stars

Erika Cool - Vintage french porn stars

Name: Les Esclaves Sexuelles

Duration: 122 min

Director: Burd Tranbaree

Language: French

Country: France

Year: 1979

Actors: Richard Lemieuvre,Gabriel Pontello,Dominique Aveline,Guy Royer

Actress: Erika Cool,Liliane Lemieuvre,Nicole Velna,Myriam Benzerti,Alexandra Sand,Amanda,Julie Lambert,Rachel Jana

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Erika Cool - Vintage french porn stars

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Trixie Tyler porn videos : “Anal Delights 1”

Name: Anal Delights 1

Director: Rex Borsky

Country: United States

Duration: 77 min

Year: 1992

Language: English

Actress: Mimi Miyagi,Trixie Tyler,Shanna Rose,Missy P.

Actors: Tom Byron,Jon Dough,TT Boy,Tom Chapman

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